Thursday, December 9, 2010

Minibaby WIP, one of these days...

I am trying something new... my drawing teacher told me to work in a bigger scale, both with my figure drawing and sculpting. So this baby is not really a miniature, it is about 25 cm and sculpting in this bigger scale is fun :)

But, yesterday I had to learn something new... my armature, while strong enough for a dollhouse size sculpture, is not able to hold so much clay on a bigger sculpture. Arrgghhh! Both legs broke in the oven and I was lucky that it did not crush on its head.

I will need to make an armature from stronger wire, brass tubes and epoxy.

Happy sculpting and have a nice day, my friends!


  1. Alex it is a beautiful baby ..
    Too bad you have broken his legs ..
    but if you later this work in miniature will do it may by also be super!
    I enjoy every time you make your artwork ..
    thank you so that I may enjoy it ...
    Hugs Marja

  2. hahaha... Thank YOU for your encouraging comments, Marja!