Sunday, December 6, 2009

Little dancer Rita

Little dancer Rita is a dollhouse child and her size is ideal for a 1:12 miniature scene. As always when I make my little ones, no moulds are used, they are true one of a kinds (ooak)!
Rita is fully sculpted of polymer clay (LivingDoll), even her dress. Her flax blonde hair is of finest english viscose and she wears a tiara of tiny pearls. I sculpted her a cute pink ballerina dress and shoes, and her light skintone and rosy lips are done with many washes of genesis heat-set paints.

Rita is sitting on her bed, dreaming to become a fine ballerina... but not for long, she is full of energy and ready to make some mischief :0))




  1. ohhhh she is a beatyfull little girl!

  2. Oh. She is very beautiful. I am confused! is it real??????????

  3. Thank you!!! I'm happy you like my sculpture :))

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