Sunday, December 13, 2009

Seamus has been adopted, good bye sweety!

Hey all! Do you have an auction in ebay, that you want to show in your blog? While I was spending way to much time to make an auction template, and I'm still not very happy with the outcome, I found a really cool feature for bloggers in ebay. A very nice widget (gadget?) to show your ebay auction in your blog. I used it for my Seamus auction.

If you would like to add an auction to your blog, too, ebay to go is easy to use :o))


  1. good luck!!!
    i hope you sell him...
    he is so cute!
    x marja

  2. best of luck. because it's not easy to sell ebooks......

  3. it's good! i will try it. May be it is useful for my blog.........

  4. It's look like a sweet children plays.