Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I got some sweet gifts! (Swap at all things mini community)

Today I would like to show you what I got from some talented ladies at

We had a mini swap there, and it is unbelievable what nice miniatures I got. Karin made a little tiny mouse sculpture, look how cute:

And look at this nice wooden chest, really nice for one of my "older" dollhouse dolls :))

Rita got a gift, too. I think it is a picnic rug:

Then there are some little thingies I got from Cia :
They are just perfect for my mini witch garden:

Here you can see the garden with my lovely little witch:

Btw.... this is what I made, a miniature Peter-the-Rabbit cake:

In my next post I will show you the beautiful mini furnitures, Kim has made. They are so beautiful!



  1. Alex- I love, love, love your cake- I cannot believe how tiny it is!!! This swap was so much fun! A big thank you from me!!♥

    Kim ♥

  2. ohhhhhhhh what a fun swap ...
    love the mouse ..
    beautiful witches plants ..
    You're spoiled!
    nice swap you made yourself!
    hugs Marja

  3. Ditto for me, Alex. The cake is just charming! Glad the garden items work for your witchy! :)


  4. Thank you, gals! This was the first but defintely not the
    last swap I joined :))