Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mini Swap, Beatrix Potter Theme, continued...

The minatures of Kim, her blog is here, were a lovely surprise for all of us swappers, I think :))
Can you imagine, she was afraid we would be disappointed with what she made for us?

These mini children's furnitures and the sweet ducky are just perfect for my dollhouse babies, here you can see Rosie sitting on one of the cute chairs. Thank you, Kim!

And thank you to all other swappers, I love all my gifts :))  What fun!



  1. Thank you Alex- you are so sweet. I'm still building confidence in my mini making:) This was such a fun swap!! I signed up for the Halloween one too!

    PS- Rosie looks so darn cute on the chair!!

  2. You're welcome and thank you! I love the stitched carrots on the chairs :))

    Halloween swap sounds great, lol!
    Hugs, Alex