Friday, August 13, 2010

African Dollhouse Boy, or Girl?

Hmmm.... I had planned a little Muck, but after painting I see a cute girl, too :)
This one is difficult...

Have a nice weekend,


  1. Ich sehe ein kleines Mädchen, eine Momo vielleicht ? Und ich finde, sie braucht noch "richtige" Haare.
    Ihr Gesicht ist schön.

  2. Alex , I think she is wonderful. What a lovely face and you capture the African feeling very well. I am anxious to see her dressed! She is most definetly a GIRL!*grin*
    A little companion woudl be lovely , no? Like a monkey??Just a thought! Smiles, Pat

  3. I also see a little girl ..
    very nicely done Alex!
    Hugs Marja

  4. Thank you for your comments :))

    I noticed that the ears are too far out and after looking in some anatomy books understood that I had the sides of her face wrong. I gave her a work over, and could not resist and fill the little gap under her right eye, too.
    When I saw my little Lea play with her baby doll today, I borrowed the doll and it had the same mistake I have made (that the sides of the face go straight out, they don't dip in before they reach the ears) And that makes the ears end in the wrong place. So, another nice thing learned :))

    Have a nice Weekend!