Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Donna, African Dollhouse Girl

Here are the first pictures of Donna, another african miniature doll, she loves to dance... I'm really happy with her and her happy smile :)

After finishing this sculpture my fingers are already itching to sculpt another one, lol!
Everyone of these little guys are such a joy to make...


P.s. I did not like the dress anymore, so I made some changes, this is how she looks now:


  1. she is very nice alex!
    you get to grips with it all these dolls ..
    an real African girl.. you know!
    and certainly a beautiful smile
    Hugs Marja
    PS: there is an award for you on my blog xx marja

  2. Das Gesichtchen ist Dir gut gelungen. Bin schon auf die Nächste aus dieser ethnischen Reihe gespannt.
    Liebe Grüße